Sonntag, 2. November 2014

What3Words geocoder for geopy

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What3Words is an innovative, plain simple and multilingual addressing scheme:
"w3w is a giant grid of the world made up of 57 trillion squares of 3 metres x 3 metres. Each square has been given a 3 word address comprised of 3 words from the dictionary. An example of a w3w address is"
(source: What3Words) 

I recently added a What3Words geocoder to the geopy package. 
So now its possible to geocode and reverse geocode What3Words from python, as shown in this example:

Languages currently supported by the service are: DE, EN, ES, FR, PT, RU, SV, TR.

[Edit: 2014-12-10]
My pull request has been accepted and the what3words geocoder became part of geopy 1.5.0!